10 Commandments of Community Leadership

On a Throwback Thursday, with the blog having just moved to a new address, here’s a throwback to a series on the Ten Commandments of Community Leadership by Maury Forman and Michelle Harvey. This was a 10-part series this past spring. Links to the posts at the old blog site are below. Watch for a new series on rural wealth in September.

1. Thou shalt create a vision for the future.
2. Thou shalt develop a strategic plan.
3. Thou shalt build a sustainable economy for the next generation.
4. Thou shalt seek public/private partnerships.
5. Thou shalt invest in education and training.
6. Thou shalt promote respect.
7. Thou shalt demonstrate a high standard of ethical behavior.
8. Thou shalt value history, art, and culture.
9. Thou shalt prepare for a global environment.
10. Thou shalt develop future leaders.

About Rebekka Dudensing

Dr. Rebekka Dudensing is an Associate Professor and Extension Economist - Community Economic Development with Texas AgriLife Extension and Research in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M. Her research interests include the evaluation of economic development opportunities, taxation and public/private goods issues, entrepreneurship, and regional economic cooperation.
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