Summer Sausage Footballs

We have been working hard this week to produce products for our many gift boxes.  One of the favorites is the Summer Sausage Football.  Come by our sales area, call, or order online today. Thanks and Gig’em!!"Football Shaped Summer Sausage"

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  1. I am a registered Angus producer located in Flint and would like you to butcher and fabricate one animal for me. Local shops have not impressed me, especially after attending your Beef Check-off course. Hope you can help me.

    • r-riley says:

      I’m sorry we do not do custom processing. Our purpose is to provide a facility for teaching, research, and public service. There are some local processors in your area that do a great job and their purpose is to do custom processing.

  2. John Gautreaux says:

    I lived in Belem’ Brazil many years ago and loved to go to the churasscuria for the wonderful roasted meats. My favorite was cupim, I still dream of this succulent cut from the Zebu, but alas I have never seen it served in the states. That is until I saw it in the pictures of Texas A&M ANSC 117 Texas Barbecue 2014. Is there a way a person could purchase cupim in the USA, do you guys sell & ship it? I’ve been to a few “Brazilian” type restaurants, but none served cupim(or know that it is which I found strange). Thanks,
    John Gautreaux

  3. Tom says:

    Do you sell beef marrow bones? If so can I place an order online?

  4. Brett Real says:

    Are y’all still doing Camp Brisket??

    • megan.carter12 says:

      Brisket Camp is held in January. All registration is held through

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