Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts

The Rosenthal Center is offering a delicious way to celebrate.  The sumptuous flavor of our Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts will enhance your celebration.  Each whole, boneless ribeye is seasoned with our special blend of spices, hickory smoked, and slow roasted.  This beef roast has an impressive appearance and will be very satisfying to you and your guest.  An ideal selection for any occasion because it’s so easy to prepare, and boneless for trouble free carving. The Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts are cooked, chilled, and packaged for your pick-up.  We have them available now or you can place your order today for future home games or any future occasion. $12.99/lb"Prime Rib Dinner"

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  1. Gloria Mason says:

    Needing a quote for a precooked prime roast for Christmas to feed a group of 10 people?
    Please get back with me as soon as possible. So glad you are in Texas. Gloria Mason

    • rriley says:

      Our Pre-cooked Prime Rib Roasts sell for $10.29 per pound. Each roasts will weigh from 10-13 pounds. You can call today 979-845-5651 to order for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

      • Sam says:

        I am looking for a pre cooked prime rib for Christmas dinner

        • r-riley says:

          We are cooking our last batch on Monday December 18th. Contact Megan at 979-845-5651 to get on our list for Tuesday or Wednesday pick-up.

  2. Della says:

    Do you ship? If so how much?

    • rriley says:

      We do ship the roasts. The cost for shipping varies depending on where the rib is to be shipped.

  3. Carolyn Hanchett says:

    I am looking for a fabulous 10# pre-cooked prime rib roast for Christmas delivery in Gilbert AZ, 85298…I know the price is 10.29 per # but what would the shipping cost be and can it be delivered on Christmas?

    Thank You,

    • rriley says:

      We would be happy to ship a pre-cooked prime rib roast to AZ for you. Our roasts weigh 9-14 pounds and we will try our best to select you a roast near 10 pounds. We use FedEx for shipping. We freeze the prime rib and ship it overnight to ensure its quality on arrival. The price to ship is $46.00, the estimated price of the prime rib is  $102.90. So the total estimated price is $ 148.90. Please give us a call at 979-845-5651 to complete your order.

  4. bridget Valenzuela says:

    How do I cook the pre -cooked prime rib? What temperature and how long I still want medium rare. please help

    • rriley says:

      Remove from bag and wrap in foil. Place in a 300° F oven and monitor with a meat thermometer until desired internal temperature is reached. Recommended internal temperature is 135° F. Approximate cook time is 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Cook time will vary based on weight and oven temperature. Remember you are just reheating, the roast is cooked. Don’t over cook.

  5. Warren says:

    I’d like to bring a pre-cooked prime rib to a tailgate. Any suggestions on how to reheat on a grill without drying out?

    • Mica Ham says:

      To reheat a prime rib on the grill: wrap in foil, add a little water inside the foil, then follow the heating directions on the prime rib label.

  6. sharon hulin says:

    how would we cook a precooked prime rib if we want to grill the pieces? how many lbs per person. have approx. 11 persons. thanks.

    • Mica Ham says:

      To feed 11 people, it would require a whole prime rib. The prime ribs are between 10-13 lbs. To heat it up on a grill, I would slice the prime rib into 11 pieces and put on the grill long enough to put grill marks on it (3 min on each side). We are currently taking prime rib orders for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  7. Gay c says:

    Bought a pre cooked prime rib. Experation date Jan 21. Will not be able to reheat it by that time. Can I freeze it.

  8. Julia says:

    I have a smoked prime rib roast I received on Christmas. It has been in the refrigerator, should it still be good? and do I cover it to reheat?

    • Mica Ham says:

      Yes, it is still good. If you don’t plan on eating it right away, you can freeze it. To reheat I would wrap it up in foil.

  9. Bobbi Sims says:

    How many 16 # precooked primb rib roasts will I need to feed.450 . Planning on 8 oz portions. Also need to cook in a roaster .what temp. And how long?

    • Mica Ham says:

      I would estimate that you need 30 pre-cooked roasts based on a 10-12 pound roast (we do not sell 16 lbs. roasts). Typically you can get 12-15 steaks per roast. To prepare: Remove from plastic bag and wrap in foil. Place in a 300°F oven and monitor with a meat thermometer until desired internal temperature is reached. Recommended internal temperature: 135°F Approximate time: 2.5 – 3.5 hours. Cook time will vary based on weight and oven temperature.
      We are now taking orders for Easter. The deadline to order your pre-cooked prime rib roast is April 14.

  10. James Alford says:

    How early can I order my roast for Christmas?

  11. Norm Williams says:

    Thanks for the great advice on reheating of Rib Roast, I usually cook my own Rib Roast and have quite a bit leftover and always have problems with reheating it. I will have to give one of your pre-cooked roasts a try the next holiday. Thanks again for your advice.

  12. Jennifer Wade says:

    On the sausage wraps, is the sausage already cooked? And the jalapeño poppers, how should I cook those?

    Thanks and Gig’em

    • ray.riley says:

      The sausage in the sausage wraps are already cooked. You can heat in the microwave for about 45 seconds. The Sausage Poppers are best to be cooked by indirect heat. They are great for the grill or smoker. Cook until the sausage has reached 160°F internal temperature.

  13. Sharon k says:

    Oven type– I just bought a gas/convection oven would I be better to use the convection or reg oven to heat the roast to RARE

    • ray.riley says:

      I am not that familiar with convection oven. Using a regular oven, I would set oven at 300, wrap the roast in aluminum foil, add a cup of water, and heat till the roast reached 135 internal temp. Remember the roast is already cooked. All you need to do is re-heat.

  14. Sarah says:

    What are your hours? Will you be open tomorrow?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      We are open 9am-6pm Monday – Friday and home football game Saturdays. We will not be open tomorrow.

  15. Kristi Smoth says:

    Oh one more thing! Can we reheat more than one roast in same oven? We will need to do this….. If so do the instructions change?
    Thanks again!

    • r-riley says:

      You can heat both in one oven. I would expect it to take longer with two ribs in the oven. Use a meat thermometer.

  16. Anaili Hernandez says:

    Do y’all sell whole pigs?

  17. Elaine Herod says:

    How long do you defrost a frozen rib roast in the refrigerator, it weighs 5.93 lb.

    • r-riley says:

      It depends on the temperature of your refrigerator but I would guess two days.

  18. Alyssa says:

    How can I sign up for the barbecue summer camp this year?

    • megan.carter12 says:

      BBQ Camp sign up is handled through

  19. Sipra Datta says:


    A friend of mine told me you are selling goat meat $2.29/lb (Boxes approx. 25 lbs) . Do you still have goat meat box available? Are you going to cut that for me. I like big chunk stew meat cut.

    If it still available I can get it on Monday after 4:30 PM.

    Thank you Sipra

    • megan.carter12 says:

      We have two boxes of the goat meat left. It is already pre-cut into thin BBQ cuts.

  20. Hilario Fernandez says:

    How much is a half of a steer

    • r-riley says:

      Sides of beef are $3.29 per lb and sold on hanging weight. Our beef sides are weighing about 400 pounds.

  21. Ricky says:

    Are you selling honey?

  22. Mark Cox says:

    do you proceed like a normal oven for using a smoker when “cooking” a pre cooked prime rib?

    • r-riley says:

      Yes. Just re-heat your roast. It is pre-cooked. Use a meat thermometer so that you don’t over heat your roast.

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