Welcome to the Texas A&M University Rose Breeding Program!

Situated in hot and humid College Station, Texas, we are faced with numerous growing challenges. The high humidity fosters the pathogens causing powdery mildew and blackspot. Local water contains high amounts of sodium producing a concrete-like structure in our already hard clay pan soil and a pH as high as 13 in some areas of Brazos County. The average rose struggles.

But who can resist the world’s favorite flower? Certainly not all of us! Certainly not other gardeners in other rose-unfriendly climates.

Presently we are meeting the challenges of our environment by mining the vast genetic diversity that exists in the genus Rosa. Our goal is to breed beautiful, carefree roses that gardeners in all climates can enjoy.

We hope the links in our web site will be educational and enjoyable for you. You can see what we’re doing, how and why. We welcome questions and comments.

Enjoy your visit!

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