In collaboration with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Resilient Texas addresses the needs of Texan communities. Funding opportunities, events, training, and other resources are organized by nine categories:

  1. Community & Culture – Community and civic engagement, planning, fine arts, historic or cultural preservations, opportunities for non-profit or religious organizations.
  2. Disability Services – Organizations, assistance programs, or emergency plans for individuals with disabilities.
  3. Economic Development – Brownfield projects, revitalizations, job trainings, small business efforts.
  4. Health & Education – Healthcare providers, research or technical facilities, universities, other primary education.
  5. Housing – Affordable housing initiatives, homelessness, neighborhood development, rebuilding and repair services.
  6. Infrastructure – Water supply systems, stormwater management, transportation & travel, broadband or DSL, utility grids.
  7. Natural Resources – Parks & recreation, green infrastructure, surface bodies of water, coastal initiatives and preservation, and fisheries.
  8. Recognized Tribes – Healthcare, housing, education initiatives, and economic development.
  9. Rural Communities – Healthcare, housing, utilities & infrastructure, education initiatives, and economic development.

While this website showcases a significant number of opportunities for communities, it cannot contain everything. Please review the Federal Links page which provides access to the variety of state and federal agencies from which these opportunities are collected. The parent websites will always be the authority of the information shared here.

Visitors are encouraged to go to those listed websites for questions about a specific resource.