Health and Food Science

Texas A&M AgriLife Research investigators are positioned to work in collaboration with industry supporters to develop additional relevant data necessary to continue our efforts in the development of food or supplements with possible health benefits.

Topics covered include engineering aspects of food processing, packaging and storage, measurement of physical properties including food texture, food industry unit operations, evaluation of changes in the nutrient content of foods during processing and storage, protein and enzyme technology, new product development, functional properties of food components, and current research.

AgriLife Research topics in Health and Food Science include:

Food Safety
AgriLife Research has an extensive assembly of excellence in food safety research, teaching, and outreach. This is reinforced by access to outstanding faculty who conduct pre- and post-harvest plant and animal research in state-of-the-art facilities.

Food Security
Food security is still and issue in some parts of the world today. Modern agriculture has relieved American society of the burden of producing – and worrying about – its own food. AgriLife Research drive innovative solutions to maintain that and expand food security across the globe.

AgriLife Research faculty in nutrition comprises an interdisciplinary department with faculty from many different areas striving to make lives healthier by delivering more nutritious foods to the public and increasing people’s intake of fruits and vegetables.

Public Health and Well-being
Research in Public Health and Well-being spans a wide array of topics including protecting the food and water we consume and combating human health crises such as obesity and pandemics.

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