Commodity Crops

Texas farmers and ranchers plant nearly 8 million acres of small grains annually, which include wheat (>6 million acres), oats (>600 thousand acres), and barley, rye, and triticale. Uses of small grains include grain production, winter pasture, hay, silage, wildlife food plots, and covercrops. Texas is the third largest wheat producing state in the nation, harvesting 3.4 million acres annually. Wheat has a cash value $288 million to farmers and generates $973 million for the economy. Additionally, small grain pasture plays a key to the Texas beef cattle industry with excellent forage potential and high quality.

Texas farmers produce more than 200 million bushels of corn on 2.0 million acres every year. Texas corn, which is used in feeds, foods, and industrial products, contributes annually more than 350 billion dollars to Texas agriculture economy. Nation wide, corn is the largest cash crop with 85 million acres of corn harvested each year producing 7 to 9 billion bushels.

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