Animal agriculture is dominant in Texas; it accounts for over two-thirds of gross farm-gate sales and contributes substantially to rural communities and the overall statewide economy. This is only possible as long as animal agriculture can deliver a safe and healthy consumable product to the global market through efficient and sustainable production methods.

Texas A&M AgriLife Research topics in animal research include:

AgriLife Research programs include each of the major livestock species in Texas. These programs address a variety of issues that confront farmers and ranchers right now. This work also yields basic scientific findings that are the foundation for further research discoveries.

Animal Health and Well-being
Some of the specific challenges center on interactions between cattle and microbes in the host and the external environment. Other environmental and management elements that stress animals throughout the life or production cycle can also adversely impact animal health, performance and product quality.

Poultry science research priorities include environmental concerns, food safety, health and welfare, and process and ingredient technologies.

Fish and Aquaculture
An overarching goal of our research is to facilitate the sustainability of the earth’s biota and the ecosystems  they depend on while accommodating  human health and welfare.


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