Strategic Plan 2015-2020


Our mission is scientific discovery that benefits consumers and expands agricultural sustainability, profitability, and environmental stewardship.


We will maintain our position as the leader among peer organizations — both nationally and internationally — in the discovery and application of research in agricultural and life sciences. Our discoveries, development, and transfer of innovative technologies will produce economic, environmental, and health benefits that are key to Texas’s success and vital to the lives of its citizens.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic priorities are particular areas that AgriLife Research will emphasize over the next five years in order to make measurable progress toward enhancing the resilience of agricultural systems. After a review of our core competencies, and in the context of the obstacles to sustainable systems, we have identified four priority areas:

  1. Achieve resilience in food, fiber, and ecological systems through adaptive strategies.
  2. Detect, monitor, and mitigate insect vector–borne diseases and invasive species.
  3. Enhance agricultural information systems and expand their use through innovative applications.
  4. Integrate basic and applied research at the nexus of food and health.

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