Volunteer Survey

Volunteers are the heart and hands of Extension, helping extend our educational programs and reach more people. It is important for us to interpret to key stakeholders how we utilize a volunteer workforce to help achieve our agency’s mission…improving lives, improving Texas.

Data are gathered from each county on an annual basis in order to prepare an updated and accurate report of the number of volunteers that contribute to Extension programs. This report is typically completed at the end of each calendar year.

Upon completion of the volunteer survey, counties are encouraged to share the results with stakeholders, including volunteers. Each county may access a two-page report that provides a summary of volunteers and a “check” indicating the value of the volunteers and the time they contributed to Extension programs.

Volunteer Survey User’s Guide – This guide provides step-by-step instructions for county Extension agents to follow in completing the Volunteer Survey.

The Volunteer Survey can be accessed at: http://volunteerreport.tamu.edu

Questions about the Volunteer Survey can be directed to Courtney Dodd (cdodd@ag.tamu.edu) or Landry Lockett (l-lockett@tamu.edu).

2010 Volunteer Report State

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