About Gus

Gus McCoy is legendary in Texas Extension lore. A fifth-generation rancher and proud Aggie, he is still regarded as one of the most successful county agents to have ever served the state. He wholeheartedly believed in the mission of Extension and lived it out every day. Although now “retired,” Gus is still passionate about helping Extension educators in Texas realize the maximum potential of their programs. It was while working as a county agent in West Texas that Gus came to appreciate evaluation as an indispensable tool which helped him demonstrate the impact of his programs and showed him how to make the programs better.

A true visionary, Gus was at the forefront of using scanning technology for evaluating extension programs. He helped pioneer the use of scan forms in the counties. Gus now enjoys life on his ranch in the remote and beautiful Davis Mountains of West Texas but he stays connected with Organizational Development. He’s familiar with the entire library of scan forms and looks forward to helping you select some that may work for you!


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