Why Conduct An Evalution?

Why Conduct an Evaluation?

 Evalution is a critical part of any organization or program, providing the value driven information necessary for determining and improving efficiency and effectiveness, as well as for learning best practices.  Evaluation can provide the accountability demanded of organizations or programs and demonstrate impact in order to obtain or maintain funding.

Benefits of evaluation include:

It shows the progress made toward program goals and objectives.

Best Practices
It provides the ability to determine what program approaches are most effective.

It provides ongoing assessment of program design and implementation to identify areas of improvement.

It demonstrates economic or human impact.

It provides the foundation for interpreting an organization or programs’s worth to its stakeholders.

Promotion & Advocacy
It informs policymakers and program sponsors about programs successes.

Appraisal & Coordination
It gives managers the performance information to make better operational decisions.

It identities unmet needs and allows for the development of new efforts to serve those needs.



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