How to Create a Scan Form

A form is not scannable unless specifically designed by Organizational Development using special software.

How can I tell if a form is scannable?Scan form cornerstones

A form is scannable if there are four cornerstones – one in each corner – as picture here. You’ll also see a number and/or grid in one corner. In this illustration, there is a grid and number in the top left corner.

Can my survey form be made scannable?

Organization Development’s current resources allow us to consider making your survey form scannable if . . .

  • the request is associated with our state-mandated customer satisfaction program.
  • the request is made at least one week before its needed.
  • the survey supports a major program evaluation. This includes:
  1. events with anticipated large number of completed surveys (i.e., 300+)
  2. regional or state programs
  3. recurring events
  4. high likelihood the form would be used by other agents and/or specialists

Examples of programs that have qualified in the past include:

  • Texas Watershed Steward Program
  • Balance Your Day
  • Beef Cattle Short Course
  • Junior Master Gardener
  • 4-H Wildlife Modules
  • Diabetes Education Awareness Program
  • 4-H Capital School-Enrichment Program
  • Feral Hog Control
  • VG Young events

If your project meets the aforementioned criteria, contact a member of the evaluation support team to request scan form design services.

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