Basic Instructions & Procedures

Instructional Guide

Instructions and Procedures for Using Scan Forms is a quick primer to printing, copying, and handling scan forms correctly. It answers common questions about using scan forms including:

  • How to confirm a form is scannable.
  • Overview of process.
  • How to make copies correctly.
  • What acceptable copies look like.
  • What unacceptable copies look like.
  • Copying front and back vs. front only using staples.
  • Can colored paper be used?
  • What to do with non-scan forms.

Adherent to the instructions and procedures are very much appreciated. Thank you!

Saving a Customized Scan Form

Good news! You can now save a copy of the scan form PDF after including your customizations (i.e., items inserted using pull-down menus, typed-in items, questions hidden with use of toggles). Go here to learn how.

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