Customer Satisfaction with Listing of Sessions

This form should be used only for this special case: a large event with numerous sessions, perhaps some concurrent, on a variety of topics. What makes this case special is the fact that there are not enough change in understanding and intention to adopt fields on the form to list a good cross section of specific content items that were covered by all of the sessions. So, simply listing the sessions (coupled with the adjusted wording in the instructions) becomes the best alternative. However, it has the disadvantage of being less specific than ordinary content items. For example, if your event has a session called “Rainwater Harvesting” . . .

With this form, you would simply list the session title, “Rainwater Harvesting” as an change in understanding item

With most other forms, you would list specific content items covered by the session as your change in understanding items, such as . . .

  • Basics of how to construct a rainwater harvesting system
  • How to estimate rainwater yield based on rainfall probability and catchment area
  • Catchment system requirements for potable water

Listing of specific content items is desirable over listing the session titles so use this form only when needed! It includes change in understanding, intentions to adopt, customer satisfaction, and blank space to add a few of your own questions.

The Form


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