Customer Satisfaction with Blank Space

Forms with blank space allow you to add one or more questions to the end of the scan form. When using these forms, remember that . . .

  • The questions you add are not scanned and will not be included with your results. You need to tabulate the results from your questions before sending them to Organizational Development.
  • The default font is Arial 9-point (same as the other questions)
  • You can match the look of your questions with the others by formatting the text and aligning your questions with the others.
  • For question text, use bold and italics. For response options, use default font.
  • To format text in the blank space, highlight the text, right click, then select “text style”
  • Use the capital letter O for bubbles
  • Examples of questions added might include:

How did you hear about this program?
How many acres do you manage?
Have you ever used well water screening?
How do you typically receive information about seed varieties?


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