Customer Satisfaction Online

What’s this all about?
Organizational Development has developed a new option for program participants to complete one version of the customer satisfaction survey. The standard customer satisfaction survey has been set up as an online survey on Qualtrics. Program participants can be directed to the link to complete the survey.

Is this appropriate for all Extension program events?
No. In most cases, with scan forms you’ll quickly capture responses from most or all participants as the program concludes. The web option is more appropriate in situations in which you have an email address for all participants, they all have web access, and you have continual contact with the participants (i.e., volunteers, newsletter list, program series).

How do I get started?
You MUST do the following or you will LOSE your data:

  • Complete and return this cover sheet to Organizational Development BEFORE directing participants to the web survey
  • Wait for Organizational Development to provided you with an EVENT ID.
  • Provide program participants with the URL (below) AND the event id. The event id is the first survey question and must be selected before proceeding to the remainder of the survey. This is the only way we can link survey responses to your specific event.

What are the links?

The URL for ADULTS is:


The URL for YOUTH is:

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