Training opportunities to learn the basics and increase your capacity for conducting meaningful program evaluations exist in many forms. These include regular, traditional in-person trainings and occasional “work” days, instructor-led online trainings via distance education technology, self-paced online training modules, and training events from professional associations.

Internal Evaluation Training

Regularly Scheduled

  • Extension Organizational Development conducts the Program Excellence Academy twice a year as an on-boarding activity for new employees. This is the primary in-person avenue for introducing employees to evaluation and covering the specific processes and tools our organization uses for conducting activity and program evaluations. Learn more about the academy here
  • Resources included in the Evaluation Section of this web site

Occasional – As Needed

  • Online trainings on special topics using Lync or Centra
  • Regional in-person work days which includes training coupled with actual completion of evaluation work

Online Presentations

From Organizational Development

SAMMIE Modules

osu_extension_logoAn acronym for Successful Assessment Methods & Measurement In Evaluation, this is a comprehensive series of 22 online modules on evaluation developed by Ohio State University Extension. Most modules require an account; a few may allow guest access.  Free of charge and available to anyone. This is a recommended resource if you want or need training over a wide variety of evaluation topics in the context of extension.

American Evaluation Association (AEA) TrainingAEA


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