Frequently Asked Questions on Customer Satisfaction

Why is customer satisfaction important to Extension?

It is important for at least three reasons.

• Customer satisfaction is a mandated performance measure reported to the Legislative Budget Board to help justify the agency’s continued existence.

• It provides an instructor with valuable feedback concerning an Extension activity; how participants viewed the activity and participant background information.

• It provides an instructor with information and insights for improving future programs.

What Extension activities should measure customer satisfaction?

• For output programs (that don’t measure client change), the standard customer satisfaction form provides an appropriate and sufficient measure of performance.

• For outcome programs (that do measure client change), one of the “extended” customer satisfaction can be used. The extended forms contain the same questions as the standard form but have an additional section for measuring client change.

What counties are required to participate?

Every two years a new group of 48 counties (4 per district) plus a few urban counties are randomly selected to participate. The counties currently required to participate can be found here.

What must a county do to be considered as having participated?

A county is considered compliant for the fiscal year if at least one event is evaluated using the customer satisfaction form within that fiscal year – and the data are submitted for processing. It would be preferable, however, if each agent in a selected county submitted a set of customer satisfaction forms.

Can a county submit data for more than one event?

Yes! A county can use the customer satisfaction form with any number of events and for any program area.

Can any county participate?

Yes! Using the customer satisfaction form is an excellent way to get feedback on your event. In FY09, for example, 100 non-required counties participated in the customer satisfaction program.

Exactly which forms can be used to meet the customer satisfaction requirement?

Only the forms on the customer satisfaction scan form download page. Look for text at the bottom of the form that says something about “meets state req.”

Where do I send forms for processing?

Mail your forms along with a completed cover sheet to:

Paul Pope
Extension Organizational Development
TAMU MS 2116
College Station, TX 77843-2116

Who should I contact with questions?
For general questions about the customer satisfaction program, county participation, or policies:

Dr. Scott Cummings

email telephone (979) 847-9388

For questions about forms, data entry, analysis, or other technical issues:

Jean Suh

email telephone (979) 845-7202

Does it matter how I copy the forms?

Yes! Please note and follow these rules to keep your form scannable:

  • All forms should be letter size (legal size forms have been discontinued).
  • Do not re-size (reduce or enlarge) the form.
  • The form should be printed and copied so that all four cornerstones (black squares) are fully intact. Do not cut off.
  • White paper works best but light-colored paper will work. Do not risk using dark-colored paper.
  • If the form has two pages, copy front and back on a single sheet of paper (do not use staples).
  • Do not physically modify the forms using a copier (i.e., covering up questions, cutting and pasting questions, adding new questions).

Basically, make normal, descent-quality copies and you’re forms should scan just fine.

How do I know if the my forms made it to Organizational Development?

All forms are logged by Organizational Development when they arrive. Mail takes time to get through the campus routing system, so check for your forms here no sooner than about a week after you send them.

How long does it take to get results back?

Under normal circumstances you should expect results back within 2 – 3 weeks after Organizational Development receives your forms.

How do I know if my county is in compliance?

This link shows which of the required counties has sent forms and which ones have not. Typically the map is updated once a week.

Can I modify a form?

NO! (EXCEPT IN A FEW CIRCUMSTANCES). As a general rule, manually modifying the questions on the form in any way will render it “unscannable” and will cause us to send back your forms unprocessed. On some forms, however, you can add your own items to existing retrospective post questions in a preset field or hide certain questions using a toggle when the PDF form allows you to do so. Also, you can add your own questions on the forms that are described as having “blank space.” Keep in mind that Organizational Development does not process questions you add to the blank space – you’ll need to do that before sending your forms to Organizational Development.

Do I receive comments back?

No. Due to increased volume of forms scanning, we longer scan and gather responses to open-ended questions on any customer satisfaction form. If you want to use responses to the open-ended questions, please make a copy of your forms before sending them to Organizational Development.

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