Power Rankings

Customer satisfaction power rankings were created by Organizational Development as a way to objectively assess customer satisfaction efforts by districts based on a variety of factors and to engender a friendly competition among districts as a means of motivating efforts towards improvement. Rankings are determined by both performance (60%) and participation (40%), and calculated with the following factors/weights:


  • Customer Satisfaction Index – required counties (40%)
  • Customer Satisfaction Index – non-required counties (20%)

Participation Level

  • % of Required Counties Reporting (25%)
  • % of Non-Required Counties Reporting (10%)
  • Number of customer satisfaction forms processed (5%)

Relative Important Required Counties in Ranking

  • Required Counties (65%)
  • Non-Required Counties (30%)
  • Volume (5%)

Power Rankings

Congratulations to District 10 for repeating its first place ranking in customer satisfaction (FY11 & FY10)!

What Can a Manager Do to Increase a District’s Power Ranking?

  • Invest extra time and resources into required counties such that their programs will be exceptional in terms of impact and customer satisfaction
  • Make sure all required counties within the district report
  • Maximize the number of non-required counties within the district that report
  • Generally encourage and nurture best practices related to planning, teaching effectiveness, implementation, etc. to maximize program success

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