Onboarding Articles

The Extension Fundamentals newsletter series is intended to provide Extension faculty with basic information on a variety of topics. Each newsletter is aimed at a specific topic and should be provided to faculty at a proper time in their onboarding experience.

 *Note: All Extension Fundamentals will be provided to CEAs by DEAs/CEDs, as noted in their agendas. All topics found within these will be reviewed by RPDs with new agents, relating the information to their specific program area.

ExtensionFundamentals#1 – Our Legacy, Dr. Seeman Knapp and an Introduction to Extension Programming Concepts

(provided to New Agent in First Step Month, or Month 1 if Agent is not participating in First Step)

Extension Fundamentals #2 – Extension Program Development

(provided to New Agent in Month 1)

Extension Fundamentals#3 – Adult Learning Theory

(provided to New Agent during Month 3)

Extension Fundamentals #4 – Learning Styles and Rate of Adoption

(provided to New Agent during Month 4)

Extension Fundamentals #5 – Levels of Client Change and Intended Outcomes

(provded to New Agent during Month 6)

ExtensionFundamentals #6 – Putting Evaluation into Context

(provided to New Agent during Month 7)

Extension Fundamentals#7 – Taking Evaluation Further

(provided to New Agent during Month 8 )

Extension Fundamentals #8 – Interpretation – Analyzing Results and Telling Your Story

(provided to New Agent during Month 10)


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