Extension Emergency Management Training 102

Response and Recovery

This one hour course outlines the roles and responsibilities of Extension personnel regarding the last two stages of emergency management.

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Stage Three:  Response

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension provides timely, relevant educational information through mobilizing internal resources through the following methods:

  • Activation of the Texas A&M AgriLife Communications news network, which maintains long-standing relationships with urban and rural news media to deliver updated information to the public
  • Providing professional with subject matter expertise to assist local and state emergency management groups, health departments and animal issues and committees
  • Activation of Agricultural Strike Teams with livestock expertise to support local land and livestock owners in times of crisis

Stage Four:  Recovery

Extension moves quickly to help communities regain normalcy after a disaster hits.  Agents recognize that a long-term recovery process hinges on promptly equipping people and businesses with information on such topics as the following:

  • Financial records management through the recovery of important family and financial documents as well as medical records
  • Steps (in English and Spanish) for controlling mold, preventing fraud, homeowner’s property insurance, operating equipment safely, and evaluating and handling of food and drinks
  • Ways to protect housing from further damage and tops on how to deal with damaged furnishings and appliances


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