Emergency Management Training

All CEAs plus other Extension employees involved in emergency management will be required to take three emergency management courses:

  • Extension Emergency Management 101 – Topics include: Preparedness and Mitigation Resources, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Extension Emergency Management 102 – Topics include: Response and Recovery Plans, Resources, Roles and Responsibilities
    • On TrainTraiq search the course catalog for Course #2113462
    • Brief Description of the Course:  County Extension Agents use thir networking, communications and education skills to enhance Community and Family Preparedness which is key to resiliency following unexpected incidents such as fire, flood, tornado, influenza, epidemic, or hurricane. EM-102 CEA All Hazards Response and Recovery is one of three Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service EM courses that are required of all CEAs. The other two courses are FEMA Incident Command System ICS-100 and Extension EM 101 CEA All Hazards Preparedness and Mitigation.
  • Incident Command System (ICS) IS 100b

Newly hired CEAs individuals will be required to complete the courses within the 1st year of employment.

All CEAs play other Extension employees involved in EM will be required to retake their course every 5 years or a refresher. The next scheduled 5 year refresher will be in 2017.


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