Texas Reporting

Why and How We Report in TexasData

(Scroll through to see a brief video on why we report and a how-to video on entering reports in TexasData.  You can click the expand feature to enjoy in full screen.)

(Or see the How to Report video only in the video library below.)


NEW!  BLT Reporting Information

blt screen shotHere are the step-by-step instructions for using the new BLT Reporting Information section of a report.

How to Use the BLT Reporting Options (PDF)


Check out the Mobile Reporting App!

Mobile App Login screen

Now you can start a report using the app to enter session data – all while you are still at the event!  Capture those important contact and demographic numbers right away, instead of waiting until the reporting period at the first of the month.

TexasData Mobile App Install – go to texasdata.tamu.edu/mobile to begin the process

TexasData Mobile App Instructions

Quick References

How to Delete a ‘Duplicate’ Task and/or Report (pdf)

TexasData Reporting Introduction – Brief introductory presentation to Texas Reporting.  (supplements January and February 2015 training dates)

Texas Reporting User Guide 2014 (pdf)

Quick Session (mobile friendly version)     Bookmark this link in your mobile device’s browser

Tips for Efficient and Effective TexasData Use  (PowerPoint slide deck from the Sept. 2016 WebEx presentation…video available in the playlist below)


Check out our video library on Reporting Tips and How To’s


Don’t forget to visit our YouTube site for additional instructional videos and our social sites for the latest information and announcements.

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