Texas Planning

 Why and How We Plan in TexasData

(Scroll through to see a brief video on why we plan and a how-to video on entering a plan into TexasData.  You can click the expand feature to enjoy in full screen.)

(Or see the How to Add a New Plan video only in the video library below).


Quick References

Texas Planning User Guide  (Whole PDF)

Adding a New Plan (2015) (PDF)

Adding a Plan 2015 Adding a Plan from a Template (2015)  (PDF)

How to Upload a Plan Summary(PDF)

How to Close a Plan(PDF)

Tips for Efficient and Effective TexasData Use (PowerPoint slide deck from the Sept. 2016 WebEx presentation…video available in our video playlist below)


Check out our video library below for tips on TexasData Planning.


Don’t forget to visit our YouTube site for other instructional videos and our social sites for the latest information and announcements.


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