About Organizational Development

The Organizational Development unit focuses on the applied dimension of education by extending and applying knowledge and problem-solving to address real individual and community issues. The foundation of Extension is responding to priority needs by taking the University to the people. The core processes of the Organizational Development unit, known collectively as the program development process and as a primary support function for the Agency, are critical in every aspect of programming at local, district, regional, and statewide levels.

Efforts of Organizational Development focus on the following major areas that support our specific mission to enhance professional competencies of Extension faculty in program effectiveness leading to high valued impacts.

Planning & Needs Assessment
•    Development and support of agency and other strategic plans
•    Development and support of needs assessment processes
•    Training on strategic planning and needs assessment
•    Facilitation of strategic planning processes

Program Development
•    Development, implementation, and support of a formal program development process
•    Training and support for teaching effectiveness
•    Resources for program development

Volunteer Management
•    Development, implementation, and support for volunteer management systems
•    Training on volunteer management

Evaluation & Performance Measurement
•    Development, implementation, and support for evaluation efforts including evaluation design, instrument design, data collection, quality control, data analysis and interpretation, and report development
•    Training on all aspects of evaluation
•    Turn key evaluations through the Evaluation and Accountability Collaborative (joint effort between Organizational Development, Extension Information Technology, Ag Communications, and Ag Economics)

Agency Accountability
•    Development, implementation, and support for agency accountability
•    Training on all aspects of accountability
•    Development, implementation, and support of accountability systems (joint effort between Organizational Development and Extension Information Technology)

Employee Development
•    Development of systems to increase professional growth and success of Extension faculty
•    Coordination of New Employee Onboarding efforts including New Employee Orientation, NEATO, and Mentoring

Emergency Management
•    Provide leadership for the agency’s emergency management efforts

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