Entomology is the scientific study of insects. Insects are the dominant animal life form on earth. They make up more than 80 percent of all described animal species. Insects have a huge impact on our lives. They are a critical part of the ecosystems that support human life. We depend on pollinators and other beneficial insects for food production, natural pest control, and waste decomposition.
However, insects also cause billions of dollars in yearly losses to crops, stored products, forests, and buildings. Insect pests affect millions of people worldwide with diseases, causing illness or even death. Insects are an exciting and challenging field of study. A degree in Entomology is a gateway to a variety of careers that include teaching, research, pest control, many areas of state and federal government, the military and private industry.

Entomology Project Guides
This set of Entomology guides are from University of Kentucky. There are 3 Unit Guides and a Project Leader Guide. The website also has interactive guides.

University of Kentucky Youth & Teachers Entomology
Very helpful web site

KIDzANTSLogoKidzAnts 4-H Fire Ant Curriculum

beeBee Information

4hbutterButterflies, Moths, & Dragonflies

What is Project Butterfly WINGS “citizen science”?
WINGS, Winning Investigative Network for Great Science, is a partnership between 4-H youth and professional scientists. Participating 4-H youth are “citizen scientists” who collect data on butterflies to help professional scientists determine:

  • The presence or absence of specific butterfly species
  • The abundance of butterfly species by state and county throughout the country

The information helps butterfly scientists better understand and conserve butterfly populations.


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