Harvest Aid Tests

The first applications for the cotton harvest aid trial in Victoria County was sprayed last Friday. Second applications were made today: Friday, 7/29.

The field is located on the west side of Burkhart Rd. across from Brownson Rd.  GOOGLE MAPS

Products included in the test are: Freefall, Ginstar, Sharpen, Display, ETX, Reviton, and Folex. The treatments on the right side of the test should be of interest as they are all Freefall @ 2 oz followed by the PPOs (Sharpen, Display, ETX an Reviton).

I plan to spray a similar test near Port Lavaca.

You can drop by and see the test at your on time. The QR code on the sign is a link to the treatment list and a chance to submit your ratings and comments.  The full treatment list is HERE.

My observations at 7 days after application are below. Only first applications treatments are listed.



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