Soil Testing Time in South Texas

The Mid-Coast IPM Program is equipped to soil test with a hydraulic soil probe that samples to a depth of 24″. 

Since 2013, we have sampled fields in Calhoun, Refugio, and Victoria Counties and found soil nitrogen levels ranging between 11 and 168 lbs N per acre. This can be a opportunity to reducing costs without affecting yields. Average fields can save $15-$20 by reducing fertilizer rates based on soil tests to 24″.

You may find this service from several different sources including your IPM program in Calhoun, Refugio and Victoria Counties.

Contact Stephen Biles for more information and to sign up to have your fields sampled:
361-552-3324 (Office)
361-920-1138 (Mobile) or

2020 Soil Testing Flier

Nitrogen Levels from soil test in Calhoun, Refugio and Victoria Counties (2013-2017)
 N 0-6″      Lbs/A  N 6-24″    Lbs/A  Total N     Lbs/A
Mean 20.7 41.5 62.2
Median 16.0 36.3 51.2
Max 72.0 120.8 168.8
Min 2.0 1.0 11.5


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