Headworms, Stink Bugs and Sugarcane Aphids in Grain Sorghum

We have been finding Rice Stink Bugs, Headworms and Sugarcane Aphids in Sorghum fields  of the Mid-Coast of Texas.

Scout sorghum using a 2-gallon bucket and beat heads into the bucket and see what is being captured in the bucket. Look here for a brief video.

Economic thresholds for stink bugs and headworms depend on the cost of control, expected crop value, and sorghum heads per acre. Look here for an economic thresholds calculator.

I am using an economic threshold of 0.5 – 1 stink bug per head, depending on heads per acre.

For an economic threshold for worms, divide them into medium larvae (1/4 to 1/2 inch) and large worms (>1/2 inch). treat when the field averages more than 1 medium worm per head or 1 large worm in 5 heads. Small worms under 1/4 inch no not need to be considered as they feed very little and natural mortality is very high.

For control of Rice Stink Bugs I typically recommend the pyrethroids. But with recent field failures, I suggest using Dimethoate or Lorsban.

Suggested insecticides for corn earworms include Prevathon, Beseige, Lannate, Blackhawk, pyrethroid insecticides and Heligen/Fawligen. 

We are also finding Sugarcane Aphids in fields across the area. The aphid can cause yield losses prior to hard dough. Aphids should be monitored closely prior to harvest to prevent honeydew issues with harvesting equipment.

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