Soybean Turnrow Meeting: Tuesday, June 27, 3:30 pm

Review of soybean variety work at the Wehmeyer Farm near Pt. Lavaca.  Find it HERE

Andy Scott (Rio Farms), Grover Shannon (Univ. Missouri breeder), and several other scientists from Univ. of Missouri and USDA (Stoneville, MS) will be present.

First generation Roundup-Ready soybean varieties, high OL (linoleic acid), and conventional varieties (high Group 4’s to mid Group 5’s) selected from the Univ of Missouri breeding program are being evaluated for their potential production in the Texas soybean production areas. 

The goals of this program are to provide producers with soybean varieties which do not require a patent fee since first generation soybeans are off patent (therefore, cheaper) and still maintain the RR trait and varieties that may have high yield potential.

This meeting will give local producers the chance to interact with these scientists and discuss local production issues.


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