It is Soil Testing Time!

The Soil Fertility Experts at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service recommend soil testing fields for soil available nitrogen annually to a depth of 24 inches.  I am looking for fields  to demonstrate this idea.  I want to conduct field trials in Calhoun, Refugio and Victoria counties on cotton, corn and grain sorghum.  I will do the soil sampling and have analysis done at the Texas A&M Soil Testing Lab.  Please contact me to discuss these field demonstrations (361-920-1138).

In 2013, we sampled 53 fields in Calhoun County and found soil nitrogen levels ranging between 9 and 135 lbs N per acre.  In a time when farm budgets are being squeezed tightly, this can be a source of reducing costs without affecting yields.  You may find this service from several different sources including your IPM program in Calhoun, Refugio and Victoria Counties.

The cost for participation in the IPM soil testing program is as follows:

• $75 per field for fields 100 acres or less in size. ($0.75 per acre over 100 acres)
• Plus $14 per sample for routine analysis and residual nitrogen.

Contact Stephen Biles:

  • 361-552-3324 (Office)
  • 361-920-1138 (Mobile) or

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