Important Updates From Texas Extension Entomologists

Texas Department of Agriculture Requests Transform Use in 2016

Dr. Pat Porter reports: Dale R. Scott, Coordinator for Pesticide Product Evaluation and Registration, Texas Department of Agriculture, this week submitted a Section 18 (emergency exemption) request to EPA to allow Transform insecticide (sulfoxaflor) to be used on sorghum for sugarcane aphid control in 2016.  Read More Here

EPA propose removal of chlorpyrifos tolerances

Dr. Ed Bynum reports: EPA has a proposal to remove all residue tolerances for chlorpyrifos insecticide. EPA has now opened a 60 day period for interested parties to comment on the tolerance removal as proposed.  This public comment period serves as an opportunity for users and supporters of chlorpyrifos to share the economic and collective benefits in addition to express the potential agronomic impact without its availability.  Read More Here

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