Sugarcane Aphids and Other Pests in Sorghum

We are finding several insect pests in sorghum fields including sugarcane aphids, sorghum midge and rice stink bugs.SCA June 3

I have not been in a field where we did not find sugarcane aphids this week.  Most fields have aphids on more than 80% of the plants but the populations have remained at 5-10 aphids per leaf.  We are finding some fields with isolated leaves having more than 100 aphids as in this picture, but the rest of the leaves in this area of the field had only 1-5 aphids.

We are finding midge and rice stink bugs in blooming sorghum.  Use these links for determining the economic thresholds for your fields.

If sorghum midge populations rise above economic levels, treatment should be made with an understanding that the insecticide used may result in increased sugarcane aphid numbers.  I suggest increased scouting for a week or two following any insecticide application.

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