Dinner Tonight Hot and Spicy Tuna Patties

Please click on the above link to view the Dinner Tonight Hot and Spicy Tuna Patties demonstration.

Canned chunk light tuna in water is fully cooked and can be eaten without heating, or added to your favorite recipe to be served either hot or cold.
According to the USDA, Light tuna can accumulate mercury in its flesh but it has low levels of mercury so pregnant women and children can eat as much as 12 ounces per week but only one serving, or six ounces of albacore per week. Most people however do not have to worry about mercury in fish.
In the refrigerator, store remaining opened tuna in a tightly covered container not made from metal and use within 3 days.
If the can is leaking or the ends are bulging, throw it away. If the canned food has a bad odor or liquid spurts out when the can is opened, throw it away.

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