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Redirect Template

The Redirect template is used to have a link redirect to – for instance, a webpage that is external to the site. Create a new Page and give it a title.  In the Template drop down list, in the Page Attributes area on the right pane, select Redirect. Add the URL you want the link to go to into the body. Publish – or Update – the page.

News/Blog Main Page Template

The News/Blog Main Page Template will consolidate Posts into 1 page. It displays a snippet of the post’s content and any image that may have been uploaded to the Post. A tab appears on the left, displaying the date the Post was written and the name of the post contributor. The image below illustrates the use of the News/Blog Main Page template. To create the News/Blog main page template, create a new Page and add content to it.  Select the Template drop down menu on the right pane… Read More →

Tabbed Design Template – Home Template; Adding Images to Slide Show

After creating the home page and setting the Template to “Home”, adding images to the Slide show is a breeze! Note: images must be resized prior to upload; dimensions should be 585 X 305. Click on the Add Media square above the icons In the dialogue box that appears, check the From Computer tab if it’s not already selected.   Click the Select Files button. Browse for the image(s) you want to include in your slide show. A quick and easy tip to upload multiple images at a time… Read More →

Tabbed Design Template – Home Template Overview

The Home Template is used to automatically display the slide show on the top of the page, and the 3 columns on the bottom of the page. The image below illustrates these features. If we would open this page in the backend of WordPress, the body of the page would be blank.  Because this page is using the Home Template, images that have been uploaded into the Image Gallery are displayed in the slide show. Text can be added to the body of the edit screen.  If text… Read More →

Child Page List Template

The Child Page List template automatically adds a bulleted list of child and grandchild pages. The image below is an example of the Child List template result. To use the Child List template: Create a new page; give it a name. Place your cursor where you want the bulleted list to appear.  You can choose to leave the page blank, or add content to the page and position your cursor above or below the content. On the right pane in the Page Attributes area, click on the Template… Read More →