Subscription Overview

The subscription feature can be used to have your newly created posts and/or pages be emailed to people who subscribe on the site. In many cases, we can activate a Feedburner account for your website, but as an alternative, we now have the Subscribe2 widget.

The Subscribe2 widget is a  plugin that will need to be activated on your site, first.  Please contact us if you’d like to use it and we will activate it for you.

Once activated, Settings need to be made to customize it for your specific use.

You can find the Subscribe settings on the left pane.

  • Scroll down to Settings and click on the triangle to expand it
  • Click on Subscribe2

Settings > Subscribe2

Please see the Subscribe2 Guide at: , scroll down to the “2. Configuring your Subscribe2 Settings” section, and follow the instructions on how to customize the widget.

Using the Subscribe2 widget on a Page

Once the settings are set for the widget, open a page (create new, or edit a page).

  • Click the S2 icon
  • A Subscribe2 Form box will appear

Using Subscribe2

The Subscribe form will appear on the page.

Sample Page

Using the Subscribe2 widget below the navigation

  • On the left pane, click on the triangle next to Appearance to expand.
  • Click the Widget option

Appearance>>WidgetOn the right pane,

  • click on the triangle for the Below Right Sidebar to expand it.
  • Left click once on the Subscribe2 Widget and hold down the mouse button
  • Drag Widget to the Below Right Sidebar area.

Subscribe2 widget

Below Right SidebarYou can choose to edit the title, if you’d like. Leaving the defaults as they are will display the Subscription box like:

Subscribe under the right navigationManaging Subscribers

On the left pane,

  • click on the triangle next to Tools to expand it.
  • Click on Subscribers

Tools>>SubscribersAs the site’s Administrator, you can:

  • Manually add (or delete) email addresses
  • Filter by Users and Subscribers; or Registered Users
  • Search for Subscribers
  • Email users by clicking their email address
  • Edit Notification Settings per user by clicking the Edit link next to the email address (next image)
  • Check boxes:
    • Confirm email address
    • Unconfirm email address
    • Delete email address
    • click the Process button
  • Save Emails to CSV file (which can be opened using MS Excel)

Current SubscribersNotification Settings

Per user, you can set email preferences:

  • Receive email as HTML-full; HTML-Excerpt; Plain Text – Full; or Plain Text-Excerpt
  • Choose to automatically subscribe user to newly created categories
  • Subscribe to all categories
  • Select individual categories to subscribe to
  • Click the Update Preferences button

Notification Settings

Sending Emails to your subscribers

Subscribe 2 also provides the ability to send out your own emails to all confirmed subscribers.

  • Go to Posts > Mail Subscribers
  • Write your message
  • Choose your recipients
  • Click Send

Subscribe Email

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