Creating widgets on home page

First you will need to make sure your home page has the template Home selected.
Under Appearance
Choose Widgets
All the widgets will appear in the middle of the page under Available Widgets
You will have a:
Homepage Col 1 – this will be the left column on bottom of  Home page
Homepage Col 2 – this will be the middle column on bottom of  Home page
Homepage Col 3 – this will be the right column on bottom of  Home page
To add Text into these columns you will need to
Click on arrow next to the homepage column
Left mouse click on Text Widget and drag and drop into box
Give it a Title (this will be the heading)
Add content into box
Note: coding is required to add web addresses or email address
Check the box next to the Automatically add paragraphs



By adding the text widget it will show up on your home page like this:
widgets_colYou can choose the Text widget for all three columns or add another widget.
NOTE: the calendar widget works only for post pages NOT a regular calendar!

To Edit the columns on your home page you will need to go under Appearance, choose Widgets and Edit each column.

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