Creating a Photo Gallery

Images must be re-sized before uploading into Media Library (Maximum width 650)

Open a post or page

Click on Add Media button

Add media button


Choose From Computer

Select Files –
-In Look in box: use arrow to find images on (C: drive or desktop)
-Hold CTRL key down and select  images
-Images are uploaded into the Gallery

Images are uploaded into the Gallery

uploaded images

On the left side of the window click the Show link to expand the image window.  Add Alternative text to each image.  Additionally, you can add a caption for the image in the appropriate box.

NOTE: You can choose to save all changes now or Edit Photo titles and descriptions

Choose Save All Changes

Gallery Settings

Link thumbnails to:

  • Image File: A direct link to the full size uploaded image
  • Attachment Page: A specialized page in your blog that shows the image in your selected theme

Order: Menu order, Title, Date/Time, or Random.

Order images by: Ascending or Descending

Gallery columns: The number of columns of thumbnails to display

Insert gallery

Publish the page (NOT SAVED  until  Published)

Note: You do not have to worry about alignment or size the program takes care of that for you!

photo gallery

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