Add New

Under Links

Choose Add New

Name: Add name of website in box

Web Address: Add address in box

Description: Type in key words that describe what’s on web site

Choose the Category you want it to be in – (default is Links)

Choose Add Link (right side Save Box)

Link Category

Under Links

Choose Link Categories

Add Link Category name in box (county 4H sites)

Choose Add Category

After you hit Add you will see it show up in the (All Categories box with a check box)

Each time you create another 4H county web site link by choosing Add New

Add Name

Web Adderss


This time, in the All Categories box, check County 4H sites

Add Link

Add Links into Widgets (shows up on main menu bar under menu box)

Under Appearance

Choose Widgets

Click on down arrow in Below Right Sidebar box

With box open – Left Click on Links (middle of page) and drag it into Below Right Sidebar box

Choose Link Name or Type in the Name
(sample, if you had a category it will show up in the box to choose from)

Check Show Link Name


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