FAQ’s for Counties

Q. How do I change the Contact Page on my county site?

A. You will need to contact your District Office Manager . You can add content to the top of the page by opening the page in edit mode and entering content into the page.

Q. How do I change the image on my home page?

A. Highlight the image on page, delete it. Choose the Add an image icon, find your image, choose open,  select where you want to put the image (right,center,left) and insert into page. Working with images

Q. How do I upload a youtube video to the Watch, Read, Listen section of our webpage?
A. The way you change the video on your website is to:

· On the left pane go to Appearance>>Widgets
· On the right pane, click the triangle to the right of AgriLife: Watch, Read, Listen, to expand your options
· Paste the YouTube URL in the box provided
· Click the Save button.

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