Add New link

  • On the left pane, click the triangle at Events to expand
  • Click the Add New link




  • Enter the Event name
  • Enter a description of the event
  • Scroll down to enter event details (e.g., date, time, location, etc.)

 Add new event

  • Check the box if the event is all day
  • Select the start date & time
  • Select the end date & time
  • Check the box for Repeat if the event repeats daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly (discussed further below)
  • Check the box for Exclude for those dates the event should be excluded
  • Add a Venue name
  • Add the physical address in the Address area
  • Check the box to display a Google map of the location, if desired

Event details, screen 1

  • Add the dollar amount if charging participants for the event
  • Add a contact name
  • Add a contact phone number
  • Add a contact email address

Event details, screen 2

Repeat Event

To schedule a repeating event, either daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, click the Repeat check box in the Event Details section.

  • Click the appropriate tab
  • For an event that repeats daily, enter the number of days it should repleat
  • Click the End drop down menu to select if the event should 1) Never end; 2) After [a certain date]; or 3) On date.  These last 2 options will open a new field with a calendar to select the date the event should end after, or on.

Repeat event screen

  • The calendar will display a month view, by default.  The calendar’s view can be changed to Week, Day, and Agenda.
  • Scrolling over an event will pop up a summary of the event.

Adding the calendar to the website

On the left pane, go to Appearance>>Widgets.  Find the Upcoming Events widget and place it in one of the areas on the right pane.

Configure the calendar widget as desired.

Upcoming events widget screen shot

Please see the Hood County Events webpage for a demonstration:

Clicking on an event on the calendar will take you to a webpage with the event’s details:

Event details





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