Creating a Slideshow

Images added to the home page’s slideshow must be click-able to a page – or post – with more information about the photo.  The following instructions are the same for a page or post.

Only 5 images will appear on the slideshow

Images will appear in the order of last one that was set as “feature this on the home page” will appear first on the slide show.

Step One

On the left pane, under Pages/Posts

Click Add New

Click on the Add Media icon, select files from computer, navigate to the image and click on it.  Click the Open button

Enter an Alternate Text into the appropriate text box

Click the link Use as featured image

Click the Save all changes button

Click the X on top right corner of window

Use as featured image

A thumbnail of the image will appear on the bottom right side under Featured Image

To use this image on the Home Slideshow you must check the box that says feature this on the home page

Update, or Publish

Feature this image on home pageRepeat these instructions to add another image to the home page’s slideshow

Step Two

On the left pane, click  All Pages; find your Home Page

When you scroll over the Home Page in the table, a menu appears below it – Click on Edit

Change your template to be Home Slideshow

Slide show template

Click Update

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