Creating a Side Menu

On the left pane, under Appearance choose Menus

Click on the + sign (next to the main navigation) on the right column

Give the menu a name –  type in the box – for example County Programs

In Theme Locations (in the middle column) in the Primary Navigation drop down box make sure main navigation is selected.  This is the menu that runs horizontal on the website

Click the Save button in that box.

Now you’re ready to create your menu.

In the Pages box in the middle column,  click the View All tab

Check the boxes next to the pages you want your new menu to display

Click Add to Menu

Gray rectangular boxes will appear on the right column.  You can drag and drop these boxes to reorder the menu’s links.  Scroll over the box and when a 4 arrow cursor appears, left click your mouse button, and hold it down while you drag.  Release the button when you near the place you want to position it – a dotted line will appear for proper placement.

If you indent a page (box) under another page (box), this creates a drop down menu

Once you got the menu the way you want it, Click the Save Menu button

Creating side bar menus


Placing the Custom Menu

Now that you’ve created the menu, you need to place it on the right side by selecting Appearance>>Widgets on the left pane.

Once there, on the right pane, expand the Sidebar Navigation section by clicking the gray triangle.

In the middle column, left click the Custom Menu widget and drag to the Sidebar Navigation section and place it where you’d like it to appear (note the dotted line that appears for placement); release the left mouse button.

The widget will expand.

Custom menu

Give it a title – this is the text that will appear on the side menu.

Click the triangle to the right of Select Menu drop down and select the newly created menu.

Click the blue Save button (hidden by the Select Menu drop down in this image).

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