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Working with PodCast using Blubrry Podcast

Media Library

All media files such as images, audio files and documents, that you’ve ever uploaded to posts or pages are stored in your media library. This is where you can manage all existing media files (Media > Library) or upload new files (Media > Add New) directly to your site without having to start a new post. (note: uploading files directly to the library will cause the file to be Unattached [to a page]) By default, your media library displays all file types. You can choose to view All,… Read More →

Creating Link Categories

On the Links page,, we explained how to create Links. Now, you may want to create Categories for the Links by using (on the left pane) Links>>Link Categories.  Categories is useful for navigation, and allows you to group your links in a meaningful way (source: ) You can add categories in 1 of 2 ways: Option 1 1.  When you’re adding a new link, scroll down to the Categories Module and click on Add A New Category. 2.  Add the the category name then click Add 3.  Now instead… Read More →