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Tutorial Videos Available

We now offer yet another way to assist beginning WordPress users  – easy to get to online videos.  Click the link on the left pane : WordPress Videos to access WordPress 101 topics.

Top Menu Bar Change

Due to the WordPress upgrade the main menu has changed. The bar will look like this: And the right: To reset it to look like the old view. Login Under Users Choose Your Profile In your profile, under “Show Admin Bar” –  Uncheck both boxes (when viewing site and in dashboard) Save

Pasting from Word

When importing content from MicroSoft Word, it is highly recommended to use either the Paste as Plain Text or Paste from Word feature (see image below depicting where these icons are located).  Word is notorious about adding proprietary code to webpages.  Using the Paste as Plain Texas or Paste from Word strips out that code to create cleaner html. Another HUGE concern are viruses being transported from a user’s computer to a web server.  Viruses are often transmitted through MicroSoft products.

Adding Alt Text to Images

As entities under the Texas A&M AgriLife organization, we’re required to comply with state-mandated ADA laws.  Adding Alt text (alternate text) for images is one way we can stay compliant. Adding Alt text enables people who are visually impaired to still “read” your web page using software that reads the screen of the page (called screen readers).  When the software encounters an image that doesn’t have descriptive text in the Alt field, the software will say “image”, giving the user no guidance of what the image is depicting…. Read More →