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<h3>Name of Web Site Here</h3>
<span>Address 1 Here |
<span>Address 2 Here</span> |
<span>Name of City Here</span>,
<span>Zip Here</span>

</span> |
<a href=”,-96.335553&sll=57.339721,-48.168397&sspn=65.320558,115.604153&ie=UTF8&ll=30.61906,-96.335657&spn=0.012982,0.017531&z=16″ rel=”map“>Map</a><br />(replace the above code with your own google map code: copy/past)
Phone: <span>Phone Number Here</span> |
<span><span>Fax</span>: <span>Fax Number Here</span></span> |
Email: <a href=””></a>

</div><!– .vcard –>
<p>Web Site Maintenance:<a href=”mailto: email Address Here”>Persons Name Responsible for Web Here Here</a></p>



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