Using the Soliloquy Slideshow

About Soliloquy slideshow

The Soliloquy slideshow plugin has now been activated and the link can be found on the left pane; scroll down almost to the end.

With this slide show you can now have multiple slideshows on your site, and you’re not limited to only 5 photos; however, be aware that the more photos you add to the slideshow will affect the load time on the page.  It’s a good idea to have all your images resized to about the same dimensions.

A new feature is that you now have a widget you can add a slideshow to; please see the Bennett Trust website as an example.

Creating a new slideshow

Scroll down the left page to Soliloquy>>Add new

Give the slider a name. Either click the Select Images button to upload files from your computer, or click the blue Click Here to Insert Slides from Other Sources button to add images in your library to the slideshow.

Add a new soliloquy slideshow

Click the i in the left corner for each image.

Editing images



Now you can add alt text, Captions, and the destination URL of the page you want to be sent to when you click the photo.  Click the Save Metadata button to save.

Add alt text, hyperlink and caption

Click the Config tab on the top.  Change the Slider Theme to Classic and the Dimensions to Featured 2 (585X305)

Config settings

Scroll down to .  Finally, scroll down to Use Adaptive Height? and uncheck the box.  Scroll back up to the top and click the blue Publish or Update button on the right.

Once the slideshow has been created, open the page you want to add the slideshow to – e.g., the home page (pages>>all pages).  You’ll now see a button above the rows of icons that says Add Slider.  Select the slider and click the Add Slider button on the bottom right corner (see next image).

Add slider shortcode to make the slideshow appear

Choose slider and insert by clicking the button

Update your page.

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