Media Library

All media files such as images, audio files and documents, that you’ve ever uploaded to posts or pages are stored in your media library.

This is where you can manage all existing media files (Media > Library) or upload new files (Media > Add New) directly to your site without having to start a new post. (note: uploading files directly to the library will cause the file to be Unattached [to a page])

By default, your media library displays all file types. You can choose to view All, Images only, or Unattached by clicking on the appropriate link.


Alternatively you can filter media types by date.

Filtering library items by date


Finally, there’s a search feature to help find files.

Library search feature

Hovering your mouse over a file name brings up a menu of links to Edit, Permanently Delete, and View below the name.

If you click Edit, the Edit Media page loads, allowing you to change the default Title, Caption, and Description.  It also shows the file URL location.

Note:  because we work for state entities, our websites MUST be ADA compliant, and by design,  they are – until a WP user adds images to their site.  We ask that Alternative Text be added to images to maintain our compliancy.  People who are vision impaired are still able to “read” websites by use of a voice activated program, called a screen reader.  If Alternative Text isn’t added to images the program will just say “image”, leaving the user with no idea what the image depicts.  Alternative Text can be as brief or as detailed, as appropriate.  As you upload images to your website, please keep this scenario in mind and consider this audience, and help us maintain the ADA compliancy law.

Edit image details

After making any changes remember to click the Update Media button.

Delete Permanently
Clicking the Delete Permanently link deletes the filefrom your site. Be careful! Once deleted you can’t undelete a file.

If the file you deleted was in a post or page, it will no longer be available on the webpage.  For example, if you delete an image that is being used in a post then the image will no longer display in the post.


Clicking the View link will open the image.

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