Adding Alt Text to Images

As entities under the Texas A&M AgriLife organization, we’re required to comply with state-mandated ADA laws.  Adding Alt text (alternate text) for images is one way we can stay compliant.

Adding Alt text enables people who are visually impaired to still “read” your web page using software that reads the screen of the page (called screen readers).  When the software encounters an image that doesn’t have descriptive text in the Alt field, the software will say “image”, giving the user no guidance of what the image is depicting.

Alt text can be a brief description of the image – or can be very detailed.

As you would with any image import, place your cursor when you want the image  to appear and click the square next to Add Media/Upload/Insert:

Select files

Click the Select Files button and browse for the image on your computer to  upload it into WordPress.

Select files for uploading

Click on the Show link on the right if the window didn’t automatically expand.

Show link

In the window that comes up, add text to the Alternate Text box.

Adding Alt Text

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